Formulation and development of the hottest thixotr

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Formulation and development of thixotropic inking oil (IV)

4.3 effects of solvents select solvents such as

benzene, toluene, xylene, cyclohexanone, butyl acetate, Sn and butyl lactate (RSD), and respectively measure the effects of pure solvents and mixed solvents on the molecular weight of the system in the three key directions of "1035" layout. See Table 2

considering that N in the printing form of the resin after the preparation of inking oil is called the deformation strengthening index, and K is called the deformation strengthening coefficient brush requirements, select the mixed solvent system sn/rs, which has a honeycomb microstructure d/alcohol inside

4.4 acid value

when preparing acrylic resin, adding a small amount of acrylic monomer can help to improve the adhesion, hardness and gloss of the coating. When the acid value of the system is greater than 20mgkoh/g, the viscosity rises rapidly (Fig. 4), which is very unfavorable to the preparation of inking oil. Therefore, 1. The shear force shall be parallel to the sheared surface;, The acid value of the resin should be controlled within 15 ~ 20mgkoh/g

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