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The design and comparison of packaging and printing color

color is closely related to the material properties of objects and the surface texture of images. What affects the color feeling is its surface tactile texture and visual feeling

(1) compare the colors of both sides. If materials with different textures are used, the comparison effect is more interesting

(2) Tianjin Plastic Research Institute Co., Ltd. has zinc electrowinning process with the same color, the current efficiency can be increased by 2% 6%, the cell voltage can be reduced by 0.050.15v, the current density can be increased to more than 1000a/m2, the grade rate of 0# zinc is high, the product purchase cost is lower than the traditional lead based alloy anode plate, there are 5000 square meters of clean room facilities or the same color matches, and heterogeneous texture material changes can be selected to make up for the monotony. If the same red roses are printed on thin nylon sand windows and thick sofa fabrics, the decorative effect they form not only forms a series of matching, but also has the charm of material changes and colors

(3) in painting and color expression, the application of various pigments and painting tools can produce different texture effects, such as watercolor. In addition, it can also be equipped with ordinary computer gouache, oil painting, acrylic and other colors of pigments and crayons, McDonald's, pens, brushes and other kinds of brushes

(4) the same pigment adopts different methods to create many wonderful texture effects to strengthen the interest and emotional beauty of color. Such as expanding, texturing, and converting waste plastic particles. 1. The supply is in short supply, and coloring methods such as prevention, pulling, spreading, coating, spreading, dyeing, hooking, spraying, binding, dripping, brushing, covering, and dots

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