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Yunyi communication EPCC call center integrates "Ai intelligent robots"

the past is over, and the future is coming.

in 2017, the hottest keywords in the industry are Internet + artificial intelligence. These things that you thought were far away from our lives have quietly entered our lives and applied to our work

put the exposed print head through the paper outlet of the cover plate

since 2017, robots have been favored by the communication industry. The arrival of intelligent robots undoubtedly liberates professionals who do simple and repetitive work. Now robots don't talk hard. They are good at learning and grow fast. Human voice recording gives robots more enthusiastic communication and interaction

Yunyi launched intelligent robot

Yunyi communication, as an industry-leading call center service provider, the R & D team has focused on enterprise communication services for more than ten years. As a R & D manufacturer, it has unique technical advantages. With the growing maturity of speech recognition technology, Yunyi grandly launched intelligent robots in combination with its many years of experience in R & D and operation of its own call center

Yunyi robot advantages

according to the preset call logic, Yunyi robot provides intelligent voice interaction services or automatically calls customers for multiple rounds of voice communication and speech guidance, so as to achieve message notification or intended customer information feedback. Live voice communication makes customers feel more gentle

in the rapid development of the company's business, repetitive and simple work often wastes a lot of labor time and cost, but the benefit is not high. Using robots to replace manual repetitive and simple work, there is a stopover phenomenon after unloading, realizing: repetitive things are simplified, simplified flow, process it! The simple and repeated work is handed over to the robot for communication and processing, and the feedback obtained is then communicated and serviced manually, which not only improves the work efficiency, but also greatly increases customer satisfaction

at present, Yunyi robot can replace most people to complete the call work in the fields of announcement, insurance underwriting, real estate sales, education and school running, return visit, financial call, etc., thus greatly reducing the labor cost of enterprises

support interruption, let communication be true

recently, the powerful Yunyi R & D team has realized robot support interruption. When customers answer calls, they often have some problem communication, and they need to interrupt the introduction of the caller. In this way, communication is more real and efficient, which also increases the customer's good impression of answering and better communication and interaction

Yunyi robot application scenario

the same content needs to be called out to inform multiple customers. The robot can call many times until the message is notified to the other party, so that the notifier does not omit. According to the big data feedback information, if manual service is required, it can effectively control the operation risk communication, which greatly improves the work efficiency

check the information of insurance and wealth management personnel, and the robot takes the initiative to ask. According to the feedback information of customers, match accurate keywords, conduct interactive verification, and generate reports based on the verification results, so as to quickly complete repeated simple interactive work

make a return visit to customers about order events, confirm information, and inform them of promotional activities at the same time; After the interactive communication, retain the customer intention information, and then follow up manually; Double the efficiency effect

according to the customer information, inform the customer of the payment time and payment amount, and make preliminary first-class and second-class Dunning through the robot, and transfer the overdue to the manual Dunning database. It not only saves labor costs, but also improves work efficiency

human voice communicates according to the preset script scene, interacts with the customer in the tone of inquiry, and finally counts the customer's purchase intention into the database, preliminarily screens the intended customers, and submits them to manual follow-up until the transaction is concluded

about Yunyi

Shanghai Yunyi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in the Expo Software Park in Pudong New Area, Shanghai, is committed to providing self-developed VoIP full range of voice/video products and enterprise communication, IP call center and other solutions to social enterprises and institutions. It is a key high-tech enterprise and patent pilot enterprise in Shanghai. The core management and R & D team of the company are senior people who have worked in the communication industry for more than ten years, and have rich professional experience in the fields of call center, IP voice communication, virtual operation, soft delivery without giving a chance to change the virus, and integrated communication. The company's products make full use of the environment of Internet and global IP interconnection to provide more comprehensive and professional service solutions than traditional businesses

in July 2017, the company set up a research and development center in Nanchang, which is an effective complement to the research and development of the Shanghai headquarters and an innovative research and development base. Its main responsibility is the continuous development and innovation of the communication cloud platform. Provide customers with an easy-to-use, fully functional and cost-effective communication cloud platform

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