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Yanxiang erc-1005 rail transit AFC equipment terminal won the "excellent solution Award"

at the 2012 annual meeting of China's intelligent transportation industry, Yanxiang erc-1005 modular embedded machine, as a rail transit AFC equipment terminal application, with a powerful embedded intelligent hardware platform, provides an overall solution combining software and hardware, and won the 2012 excellent solution award

in this selection of intelligent transportation solutions, the bright spots of ERC 1005, the AFC equipment terminal of Yanxiang rail transit, are frequent, and the characteristics of intelligence and innovation are highlighted. The system architecture adopts the design scheme of module board + backplane, and the connection between modules adopts European pin connection to ensure a highly reliable operating environment; Fan free low-power design, the shell adopts sheet metal + aluminum alloy structure, with small overall size and compact structure, and full consideration is given to the expansion of heat dissipation and interface functions; With excellent sealing, dust prevention, heat dissipation and vibration resistance, it is a revolutionary product in the terminal application field of AFC system

at present, Yanxiang ERC series rail transit special machines have been successfully applied to Beijing Metro Line 1, line 4, line 10, line 13, Batong line, airport line and some other urban rail transit projects in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc., making due contributions to the localization of China's rail transit system equipment

the full name of AFC system is automatic fare collection system, which is an automatic system based on computer, communication, network, automatic control and other technologies to realize the whole process of rail transit ticket selling, ticket checking, billing, charging, statistics, sorting, management and so on. The system requires the long-term uninterrupted operation of AFC system related equipment, the safety of data entry, and the wide temperature, humidity, dust, vibration and other environments put forward higher requirements for reliability. In addition, there are problems such as electrostatic and electromagnetic signal interference. In order to meet these challenges, Yanxiang customized erc-1005 rail transit AFC industry-specific machine

erc-1005 application on automatic ticket vending machine (TVM)

automatic ticket vending machine (TVM) is used for passengers to buy one-way tickets and recharge stored value tickets by themselves. It can accept designated notes, coins or mixed currencies, and has the function of automatic redemption. The ticket will be output to passengers according to the banknotes put in by passengers and relevant travel operations

Application of erc-1005a on AGM

AGM is divided into one-way gate and two-way gate, which can read and write all kinds of tickets and confirm their legitimacy. Write the inbound information on the ticket when entering the station, and recover the ticket or deduct the fare and display the balance when leaving the station

1. Calibration of the pneumatic value of the electronic universal experimental machine: after entering the computer program, open the calibration interface. The technical advantages of the scheme

the system is composed of backplane module, Intel Luna pier n455 CPU board module and communication module. Each module is independently assembled and connected with European pins to ensure the compatibility of performance and the independence of each module, which is convenient for disassembly, assembly and maintenance

wedge pluggable heat conduction design (national design and invention patent)

at present, customers in many industries have put forward requirements for industrial computers, such as simple and fast disassembly in the maintenance process, saving time, and easy upgrade and exchange of core components. Based on the requirements and expectations of AFC system for industrial computers, this patent came into being. German reprap said: "polyurethane is suitable for special use. A wedge-shaped pluggable heat conduction structure is designed, which can realize that the motherboard module can be pulled out from the inside of the chassis very quickly. After reinsertion into the chassis, it will not affect the heat conduction connection between the motherboard and the chassis shell.

wall mounted rotating bracket design (national design invention patent)

it is extremely inconvenient to maintain due to the small space. In order to solve this problem, the invention designs the wall mounted bracket as a rotatable bracket. During daily maintenance, it only needs to unscrew the screws fixing the bracket and rotate the whole machine 90 degrees for maintenance. The volume of the wall mounted rotating equipment is reduced by about 2/3. The bracket greatly facilitates the daily maintenance of the whole machine, improves the maintenance efficiency, and the wall mounted rotating bracket structure with simultaneous rotation and sliding saves the rotating space, It is very suitable for narrow space

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