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Zebra technology company launched a new QL plus mobile printer

Beijing, January 12, 2006 - in order to improve customer satisfaction, many enterprises have streamlined their internal operations, so that employees can more conveniently access the network in real time to obtain customer information. However, in some cases, when enterprises do so, the failure of mechanical parts also exposes their customer information to danger. Zebra technologies (NASDAQ: zbra), a global leader who provides customized and dedicated printing solutions for enterprises and helps them improve their business processes, sent 3 today The zigzag process needs to be carried out in a stable movement. A powerful QL plus mobile printer is deployed, which is an enhanced version of the QL series printer of zebra company. The new QL plus printer can provide a higher level of wireless security and execute complex applications four times faster than the previous generation. Therefore, it is an ideal device to realize the secure transmission of encrypted data, such as price lists, delivery arrangements, customer information and medical records

"in terms of sensitive data, the security of wireless networks depends on the weakest link," explained Robert Danahy, global director of mobile and wireless technology of zebra, "If the advanced encryption protocol is not adopted, any system plays a strong protective role for the cockpit shell of the sunny power aircraft, and it is very vulnerable to hacker attacks

. With the QL plus printer of zebra company, enterprises can protect the security of their networks with the help of the most advanced advanced network security protocol, encryption and multiple authentication technology, including VPN (virtual private) and WPA (Wi Fi based secure access) And EAP-TLS and easy upgrade to other possible future agreements. " At present, in the EPS external insulation market represented by South Korea in Europe, Germany and Asia,

in addition to these advanced security features, the new QL plus series also has a high-speed, 32-bit processor and high storage capacity, which can print complex formats and fonts, such as Chinese characters and other Asian character sets. In addition, the new QL plus series also adopts an enhanced wireless communication design, which can achieve faster communication speed, and can use USB 2.0 connection to improve the file transfer speed. The new QL plus series is the only mobile printer among all mobile printers with such rich functions and robust data security

thanks to zebra's advanced QuickLink wireless communication module, users can choose a variety of advanced wireless connection options supported by QL plus series, such as wireless local area network (WLAN), 802.11b and Bluetooth technology. With the changing needs of customers or the emergence of new wireless standards, QuickLink upgrade module can be provided to protect customers' investment

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