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Application of Vacon frequency converter in domestic fully electrified oil tankers

the four fully electric driven oil tankers built at Qingshan shipyard in China will mainly sail in the UK and surrounding waters, and their maintenance and repair will be mainly completed by Imtech. Meanwhile, Vacon can provide global services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

in the highly competitive shipbuilding industry, the VCC pilot test evaluation device of Yanchang Petroleum Group was built in the pilot test base of Yanchang, Xingping, Shaanxi Province, and the full electrification scheme is gradually becoming popular. The increasing application of frequency converters in the field of shipbuilding is mainly due to the continuous improvement of the requirements of manufacturers and operators for the operation efficiency of Ship systems. Of course, the application of AC drive products represented by frequency converters in the field of shipbuilding also has many other advantages

Wuhan Qingshan shipyard, located on the Bank of the Yangtze River in inland China, is building four fully electrified oil tankers for the British coastal tanker operator Erard sons. Imtechmarine offshore in the Netherlands provides a complete set of automation systems, main distribution boards, motor control centers, electrical propulsion devices including motors and their drive systems, bow thrusters, cargo tank pumps, ballast pumps, sump pumps, as well as frequency converters for winches and steering gears. The total power of Vacon AC drive products equipped on each ship is about 3.2mw

advantages of diesel electric propulsion system

compared with diesel thrusters, the electric drive main propulsion device has considerable advantages. For example, the electric drive scheme can optimize the power equipment to be composed of multiple small units, which will be more conducive to reducing the emission of harmful gases. The speed of the main propulsion motor of the tanker is controlled by two 900kw vaconnx water-cooled frequency converters. Speed control can also effectively reduce the electromechanical stress of the power system and improve the flexibility of power supply and distribution

the electric drive propeller can also provide good flexibility in the design of the ship. Since there is no mechanical connection between the engine and the propeller, the components installed on various propellers can be placed at will

another Vacon frequency converter is also used to control the 350kW bow propeller

silent operation

the noise level of oil tankers should be reduced as much as possible during navigation and operation. Compared with the steam turbine, the motor is much quieter. At the same time, the function and effectiveness of the speed control of the motor for the fixed blade propeller are significantly better than the constant speed control under the variable blade angle. In addition, the propeller with fixed speed always operates at the maximum speed, which will produce a lot of mechanical noise even when the local load can select the reset button. This batch of propellers built in Qingshan shipyard are fixed on the oil wheel on the column 12 with small handlebars. All propellers are installed with fixed blade propellers (CP) with low noise operation. At the same time, because the noise of hydraulic press during unloading is avoided, it also creates a quiet environment for adjacent ships docked in the port, especially at night

vacon water-cooled inverter

in the process of sea navigation, the shaking of the ship body and the erosion of seawater will have a negative impact on the mechanical and electronic components of the ship system. Therefore, the selection of ship system components and materials has special requirements

imtechmarine offshore chooses Vacon water-cooled inverter because it maximizes space saving in design. Compared with air cooling products, its compact structure can save up to 70% of the space. This is particularly advantageous for applications with limited space for boats

vacon frequency converter can maximize the normal operation of the equipment in the harsh environment of ship shaking and humidity. Because its protection grade can reach P54 or higher, it can resist the impact of harsh environmental conditions, so that it can provide a perfect solution for ship applications

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