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Application example of Vacon frequency conversion technology in plastic packaging

due to the transformation of vacuum pump with Vacon frequency conversion technology, Faerch plastic packaging factory, a famous plastic packaging film manufacturer in Denmark, has achieved considerable benefits in energy saving and equipment maintenance cost saving

faerch plastic packaging factory is a famous production enterprise in the food packaging industry, specializing in the production of plastic films, which are hot formed into arbitrary shapes for product packaging in the food industry and retail industry. The factory attaches great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection, and makes continuous efforts to reduce energy consumption in production

substantial reduction in energy consumption

95% of FAE's output will be transported to China's RCH plastic packaging plant through pipelines. A key point of energy saving is the vacuum pump system for plastic particle transmission. The company decided to replace the previous 38 decentralized vacuum pumps with a vacuum pump system equipped with three Buch Co. vacuum pumps, of which two vacuum pumps use 22, which also provides an important reference for the later market strategy. KW's three-phase motor control, One is controlled by vacon22cxs frequency converter, and the original power provided to the vacuum pump is reduced from 285kw to 66kw, and the average energy consumption is reduced from 95kw to 35kw

the vacuum pump station is equipped with three Busch Co. vacuum pumps, one of which can be seen from here

vacon 22cxs installed in F? In a slender cabinet of the vacuum pump station of RCH plastic packaging factory

the factory produces 24 hours a year for 361 days. The maximum workload of the vacuum pump is about 150000 kg of plastic particles per hour, and sometimes it needs to be increased to 20000 kg of plastic particles per hour. According to historical data, each cubic meter of gas can transport 8-10 kilograms of plastic particles, so two vacuum pumps are not enough to meet the processing capacity of 16000-20000 per hour. Each vacuum driven pump can deliver 1002 cubic meters of gas per hour with a pressure of 400mbr. The pressure of the pump driven by Vacon frequency converter is higher, about 350mbr. The motor operates at 50Hz, 2940rpm, and the pump speed is lower, about 2780rpm

the reduction of energy consumption and the speed control of the motor make the factory save electricity every year. 2 reduce the rotation number of the motor to the required rotation number of 3500 euros, and the installation of filters in the vacuum pump system has also achieved considerable energy-saving results. The energy consumption per unit of product production has also been reduced to 80% of the original (1996). The energy-saving effect is very obvious. The total equipment transformation investment of 161000 euros is expected to be recovered within three years

interactive application reduces maintenance costs

the pump of the vacuum pump station is put into use interactively. The input of the pump should be determined according to the amount of gas. The pump controlled by Vacon 22cxs is put into use first. When its operating frequency is higher than 56hz or 56hz for more than 15 seconds, the second one is directly started by the power frequency, and at the same time, the speed of the frequency conversion control pump is reduced to adapt to the amount of gas. The third pump is in standby mode. The variable frequency pump operates between 0-58hz, and the flow regulation of the pump system is basically linear

by changing the speed and starting sequence of the pump through the frequency converter, the load and wear on the three pumps can be consistent, and there is no unnecessary mechanical load, so the equipment maintenance cost is reduced. Long term use of interaction can also save energy. Although Vacon's frequency converter is very durable, local agents also provide them with spare parts. At the same time, Vacon also provides 24/365 services. The use of frequency conversion technology also reduces the ambient temperature and noise

pump and fan application macros as standard configuration

like all other Vacon converters, 22cxs has built-in 5-in-1 application macro software package, which contains pump and fan application macros. This application macro can, but in fact, the waste of resources caused by kraft paper bags is the most. It is used to drive a frequency conversion pump and up to four auxiliary pumps. The motor is connected to the frequency converter, and the starting sequence of the auxiliary pump can be changed through the automatic switching function of the software and the peripheral relay system. The frequency converter has a built-in PI controller, which controls the speed of the frequency conversion pump and outputs start and stop signals to the auxiliary pump. The application macro has two control sources, source a is pump and fan control, source B is direct frequency reference, and the control source can be selected through dib6. All outputs are freely programmable. In addition, group 8 parameters provide multi pump control function. For example, when the required gas pressure decreases, the frequency converter will reduce the output of the pump

faerch plastic packaging factory, all the mechanical equipment on the production line are controlled by the upper system, and the Vacon frequency converter is connected with it through PROFIBUS, so the pump state can be monitored and controlled by the upper computer. Fcdrive software installed on the computer can freely set the frequency converter

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