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The price rise of raw materials accelerates the hydration of coatings September 1, 2004 the water-based wood paint marked by environmental protection has recently attracted great attention in the industry. In the cry of "the era of water-based wood paint" a certain industry insider pointed out that the current water-based wood paint is far from being popularized due to its inferior performance and price, and is not suitable for large-scale production

a senior person in the paint industry pointed out that many performance indexes of water-based wood paint are inferior to those of traditional polyester paint, especially the hardness, wear resistance, film surface fullness, etc. required by wood paint. There are actually two difficulties in the comprehensive promotion of water-based paint: one is whether the consumer's consumption inertia can be changed by the concept of environmental protection and health; the other is whether the manufacturer can make greater improvements and improvements in the physical properties of water-based paint

Dr. jiangsuhong once wrote that: water-based wood paint has reached 14% of that of oil-based paint in technology Main motor source: ~ 380V ± 10% 50Hz must have reliable grounding measures. Polyester paint has equivalent performance. However, because the core technology is mainly in the hands of European and American companies, the price of water-based wood paint imported with original packaging in the Chinese market and raw materials produced quickly, conveniently and cost effectively remain high, leading to a large number of Chinese manufacturers using low-quality raw materials, As a result, the performance of the water-based wood paint produced is quite different from that of the oil-based paint, which is difficult to be popularized due to the high quality and price difference. The first technical difficulty of water-based paint is the lotion synthesis technology. Only by solving this problem, the water-based wood paint with high quality and low price can quickly occupy the market.

lizhenbo, general manager of Dibang chemical company, one of the largest enterprises producing water-based paint in China, believes that the comprehensive promotion of water-based paint still has a long way to go. Although there is no doubt about the direction, the market will still be occupied by oil-based paint in a certain period of time. Although consumers have strong requirements and awareness of environmental protection, the domestic market emphasizes both environmental protection and physical properties of coating products, which is undoubtedly the fundamental obstacle to the development of environmental friendly waterborne wood coatings. Both the hardness and fullness of the oil-based paint and the environmental protection performance of the water-based wood paint are required, which is undoubtedly a combination of fish and bear's paw. Neither domestic nor international level can meet the above two requirements 100% at the same time. However, the correct guidance of the consumer market should not be ignored

in terms of price, water-based wood paint is at a disadvantage because of its high price, which is at least twice as high as traditional products. However, due to the energy crisis, if the oil price continues to rise, the price of raw materials for oil-based paint is too high, or even higher than some water-based paint, which will promote the development of water-based paint. A powerful evidence is that the price of "xylene" has risen from a minimum of more than 3 yuan/kg in 2003 to more than 7 yuan/kg now. In addition to domestic regulations, if xylene is used for production, it will be taxed, which will also increase the cost of compressive strength test products also used for concrete specimens, concrete structural members, metal materials and metal structural members. Therefore, the rising price of raw materials for coatings has promoted the development of waterborne coatings to some extent

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