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The rise in the price of base paper affected all walks of life and the flower industry could not escape one risk

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core tip: due to the increasingly difficult supply of base paper, the price continued to rise, and the price of flower packaging cartons also rose, which also affected the flower industry to varying degrees

[China Packaging News] due to the increasingly difficult supply of base paper, the price continues to rise, and the price of flower packaging cartons has also risen, which has also affected the flower industry to varying degrees

in an interview with Dounan flower market, a packaging daily necessities business department in Dounan, Kunming wrote in a notice: the unit prices of previous orders have been cancelled. From November 21, all carton unit prices will be shipped at the market prices of the day. In the "price adjustment letter", a carton manufacturer in Yunnan said: due to the recent market impact, the prices of waste paper, auxiliary materials and other raw materials continued to rise, so the finished paper will be increased by 200 yuan per ton on the original basis from now on (November 20)

in the Kunming potted flower seedling planting and wholesale base in Dounan, florist Gao Jian and lixianlin, the boss of "Happy Paradise Art", said in an interview that the rise in the price of flower packaging cartons had a certain impact on them. On November 24, the florist Wu Lu Association pulled back 3000 50 cm X50 cm X80 cm flower packaging cartons and overpaid 12000 yuan because the price rose from 10 yuan to 14 yuan. "Three thousand cartons were brought back in three cars, and the freight cost was more than 1000 yuan, which made my heart ache." Wuluhui said

potted chrysanthemum is the main product of Wu Lu Association. Asked if the price would rise, he said: "well, after all, long-term cooperation is needed. The price rise of flower packaging cartons can only be accepted, otherwise the flowers can't be sold. But I didn't charge for the cartons before. Now I have to charge for them, and let the customers bear part of it."

in the interview, I learned that after the price of flower packaging cartons increased, ● die: DD φ 32.28 dd φ 32.35 dd φ 32.43 dd φ 32.50 it has become the practice of most florists to charge the carton price from the customer at a higher price and pass it on for digestion. The boss of Dounan "park tree garden" made it clear that in the past, a carton was charged 10 yuan to the customer. Now the carton price has risen, and the carton money charged to the customer will certainly rise. But what worried the boss was that "the biggest impact of the rise in carton prices is that customers are unwilling to pay. If the price rises again, they are afraid that customers will run away." He said

the fresh cut flower packaging cartons sent by Kunming Dounan shipping department of Ningxia Qili Dade Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to all parts of the country are two sets, with a total of 10 layers. Geng Xinwei, the person in charge of ECG sensor, said that he was not worried about paying 2 or 3 yuan more for each set of cartons after the price rise. He was most worried about the lack of carton supply

Wanyan flowers, the main venue of Dounan flower world, is a modern flower gardening enterprise integrating seedling cultivation, flower planting, domestic and foreign wholesale of fresh cut flowers, flower e-commerce, direct investment and processing of flowers, product R & D and customization, and flower cold chain transportation. It provides hundreds of millions of fresh cut flowers and millions of pots of potted flowers for large and small flower stores at home and abroad every year. Yueweimin, chairman of the company, said in an interview: "The rise in carton prices has a great impact on the flower industry. This year, due to the impact of low e-commerce prices, the rise in raw materials has increased the cost of delivery, so it is difficult to do business. However, after the rise in the price of flower packaging cartons, the company will at least increase a lot of costs in one year.

the rise in the price of flower packaging cartons has also had a certain impact on potted flower manufacturers. A potted flower manufacturer in Kunming ran out of special boxes, and the carton factory stopped receiving orders because In November, except for the two exclusive distributors in Dounan who delivered goods without packaging, other customers have suspended supply. The thickness of the test piece of the enterprise is (2.0 0.2) mm. Mr. Chen, the person in charge, said: "the lack of cartons just makes it possible to raise the potted flowers a little more, so that people will not say that we produce underage products."

some businesses did not feel too much pressure on the price rise of flower packaging cartons this time, because some flower packaging cartons were prepared by customers, while florists thought that the price rise of flower packaging cartons would not increase much after apportionment according to quantity. A florist said that his seedlings were packed with 400 seedlings per box, and the price of each carton was increased by 2 yuan. The apportionment of each seedling could be ignored. During the jade experiment, it is usually necessary to exert a higher force. The existing chrysanthemum potting base of Ziyu Flower Industry Development Co., Ltd. is 30 mu, and the rose potting base is 40 mu, with an annual output of more than 2 million pots. The average delivery time per day is 120 60 cm × 50 cm × For 45 cm cartons, although the price of each carton increased by 1.2 yuan after the price adjustment, duanjiabin, chairman of the board, told us: "it can be said that the rise in carton prices has little impact on us."

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