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From supporting education to sports Jiabaoli paint marketing new ideas

2010 is another sports year in China after the "Olympic year". South Africa World Cup, men's Basketball World Championships, Guangzhou Asian Games, wonderful sports events, one after another, so that friends who love to watch the games are delighted. However, for enterprises, the top priority is to carry out sports marketing in various forms. The top priority is how to take advantage of various sports events, whether sponsorship or naming, and grasp the opportunity to promote brand development and product sales through sponsorship or naming

public welfare marketing: take a long line to catch big fish

recently, garberry and the Chinese national men's basketball team held a signing ceremony at the headquarters of garberry in Jiangmen, Guangdong Province, which means that garberry, as the first brand of China's local paint, has finally played. This means that garberry, as the first brand of China's local paint, has also begun to have close contact with the "sports marketing" brand of sports, choosing to sponsor the Chinese men's basketball team, That is, the form of providing funds and products for the training of the Chinese men's basketball team, the world championships and the Asian Games to meet the marketing war of the coating industry in the sports year

before that, except for the impressive open "challenge" of foreign brands in 2003, the latex paint challenge competition with two foreign brands as the challenge object, the brand promotion strategy of garberry was not high-profile, but only carried out in the way of supporting public welfare undertakings, which has lasted for six years now

in 2004, garberry, together with the China national unity and Progress Association of the State Ethnic Affairs Commission, launched the "student aid project to revitalize the border areas and enrich the people". So far, Carpoly has donated more than 10 million to 4700 poor students from 46 ethnic minorities in 25 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. Perhaps it is because of the fact that Chou Qiming, chairman of garberry, was originally a people's teacher. Chou was keen to donate money to the public welfare cause of helping students, and said that unless there was no garberry in the world, or there were no poor ethnic minority students in China, the "project to revitalize the border areas and enrich the people to help students" would stop

in fact, from the perspective of marketing, it is a potential investment for garberry to take public welfare marketing as the long-term business strategy of the enterprise. Although public service marketing is not like advertising and promotion, it can significantly drive the increase of product sales. However, by carrying out public welfare activities, enterprises can not only increase the public interests of society and produce good social benefits; At the same time, it can also establish a good brand image and narrow the relationship with consumers. Perhaps this is the real reason why at the signing site with the Chinese men's basketball team, garberry still "kept in mind" the public welfare undertakings and launched the "China Men's basketball team public welfare commemorative edition" product to raise the third national solidarity student assistance fund

sports marketing: as proud as the men's basketball team

if public welfare marketing is garberry's low-key brand marketing strategy, then sports marketing appears to be a lot of high-profile because it directly faces a wide audience, a large number of people, and strong pertinence. In particular, garberry chose to sponsor the Asian overlord, the world's eighth ranked Chinese men's basketball team. The fans who love men's basketball and the audience of basketball events themselves are a large group. Moreover, the Chinese men's basketball team has always been a star team active in the flash, chasing their media. We use our professional knowledge and combined with the needs and utilization of customers, but some functions and data display methods are different, and there are countless development materials. It can be said that the Chinese men's basketball team, as a partner, has set up a brightly lit stage in front of the public. Next, how to carry out a series of marketing activities with the help of the appeal of the Chinese men's basketball team is a wonderful performance presented by the Chinese men's basketball team

some consumers may think that even in the "sports year", "painters" and "basketball players" suddenly come together, which is a little difficult for people to adapt. Although this idea is superficial, it exposes the core issue of whether the sports marketing strategy of garberry can succeed. Sports marketing, which is really operated, emphasizes the resonance between corporate culture and consumers through sports activities. The same concept is needed as the connection between enterprises and sports, and between sports and consumers. The grasp of the connection point and the refinement and grasp of promotion means are a big test for enterprises. So where is the docking point between garberry and the Chinese men's basketball team

first of all, garberry has become the No. 1 local paint brand in China and the No. 1 National paint brand that Chinese people are proud of. The proud achievements of the Chinese men's basketball team are undoubtedly the pride of China. The two, which are equally proud of, have similar identities, making it easier for consumers to associate "Asian overlord" with "first brand"

secondly, the development process of garberry is wonderful. So far, it has achieved sales growth of more than 30% for ten consecutive years. This year, the four major production bases in Guangdong, Sichuan, Shanghai and Hebei are all put into operation, and the sales scale will reach more than 6billion yuan. The Chinese men's basketball players are struggling and enterprising on the basketball court, bringing one wonderful performance after another. Although there is a shopping mall and a stadium, it is also quite convincing that the two sides, garberry and the Chinese men's basketball team, both of which have excellent performances, work together

thirdly, garberry's products have always been trusted by consumers with the characteristics of health and environmental protection. The healthy image of China's national men's basketball team, which never gives up and works hard, is very consistent with the image of garberry products. In this way, at first glance, there are many similarities between garberry paint and the Chinese men's basketball team

it seems that Carpoly's partnership with the Chinese men's basketball team is not just to catch up with the fashion of the "sports year", but the enterprise has a well deployed, clear-cut marketing plan with a complete system. However, whether it is the persistent "public welfare marketing" or the current "sports marketing", garberry has undoubtedly become the leader of China's local coatings, and is still growing. Its marketing is based on ldquo; Lithium rdquo; The growth rate of small metals and new materials related sectors represented by is significantly higher than the average level of the industry. The diversification of strategies also indicates that the Burberry brand is groping forward towards the goal of higher stability and good performance

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