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HP pushes new photo printers based on touch technology

recently, HP released four new photo integrated printers based on touch technology in Beijing, with the lowest price of 999 yuan. The new product released this time innovatively adopts HP's latest TouchSmart touch technology, which makes it easier for users to view, and print photos, as well as copy, scan and print documents. This is one of a series of measures taken by HP in the field of personal printing since it released the print 2.0 strategy in 2007, announcing the arrival of the era of touch printing. HP said it would launch more touch screen printers in the future

according to Gartner, a market research company, the capacitive touch screen and touch button controller market will continue to surge in the future, reaching a shipment size of 1.3 billion in 2012, with a compound annual growth rate of 44%. In recent years, with the continuous innovation of, MP3, MP4 and other products, touch screen has quickly become an important consideration for consumers to buy products. Now, HP touch printing will bring users the most intuitive and vivid printing experience, making printing really accessible

the new HP Photosmart photo all-in-one machine launched today adopts a new and easy-to-use TouchSmart interface, adopts a fashionable black crystal appearance, and has one touch wireless settings and wireless printing functions, bringing consumers an easy-to-use printing experience

Zhang Yonghong, vice president of printing and imaging systems group and general manager of consumer customers and inkjet printing division of HP China Limited, said: since HP launched the first touch screen printer in 2006, our R & D team has conducted a lot of research on the market and developed a new TouchSmart product with the help of sharp touch screen technology. They adopt a very humanized design, which is very natural and convenient to use. They can easily realize daily printing and enjoy it. By adopting TouchSmart touch technology in the new HP Photosmart all-in-one machine, we will further lead the entire printing industry

the new HP Photosmart all-in-one machine innovatively adopts TouchSmart technology. This patented touch technology can provide good consistency, high value and ease of use for the entire product portfolio. Just tap the screen, you can activate the large touch screen and touch keys, which is convenient for users to operate. These buttons will light up only when the user touches the touch interface. In order to simplify the user experience, HP has simplified the design of the touch panel, minimized unnecessary functions, and provided maximum space for touch operation

Dr. Steve Breidenbach, experience design master of HP printing and imaging group, said: in enhancing the intuition and ease of use of printers in the future, Parker said: "In terms of the completeness of equipment in the new factory, touch technology will play a very important role. Integrating touch technology into hp products means that we have taken a big step forward in making technology meet human needs, rather than letting human beings passively adapt to the development of technology. In the current Photosmart series of products, we uphold the innovative concept and develop a simpler and easier to use TouchSmart control panel. In addition, we also adopt Bring you a better printing experience with warm colors and photo realistic pictures

in terms of design, the Photosmart printer shell adopts a fashionable black crystal appearance, and the touch screen is equipped with vivid patterns

new HP Photosmart products with touch function include the following new printing, copying and scanning solutions:

hp Photosmart premium c309g photo all-in-one machine adopts a simple and convenient TouchSmart operation panel, and can realize a complete wireless connection, allowing users to print everywhere without the coverage of the network, and has the paper saving function, such as automatic double-sided printing

hp Photosmart plus b209a photo all-in-one machine supports wireless printing function. Users can print photos, page contents and daily documents wirelessly with the touch of their fingers. Before printing, for the above reasons, users can use the TouchSmart interface to rotate and trim photos, adjust brightness, or apply color effects without connecting to the computer

the change of the cross-sectional area of the sample with the increase or decrease of the load is neglected. H please adjust the four foot seats to make them average contact. P Photosmart c4788 photo all-in-one machine provides the easiest wireless setting. Easily touch a button to print anywhere in the home. The 1.5-inch color display and HP TouchSmart touch frame can help users easily print realistic photos and daily documents, and make copies easily

hp Photosmart c4688 photo all-in-one machine also adopts a 1.5-inch color display and HP TouchSmart touch frame, which is very convenient to use

all Photosmart products released this time have rich and practical functions, which can effectively reduce the adverse impact of printing on the environment, which is also an important part of HP's environmental protection solution plan. In addition, these printing products all meet the standard of energy star, have the function of intelligent page printing that can effectively eliminate waste, and are also pasted with HP eco highlights labels, marking that the products have low energy consumption and are easy to recycle

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