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According to overseas media reports, Panasonic Environmental Systems Co., Ltd. of Japan recently launched three hybrid towers equipped with solar and wind power generation equipment, "Seagull of the wind". The product will be sold at open prices from December 16, and 300 units are expected to be sold in the first year

new products include "fy-08twf1" with solar power of about 84 watts, "fy-17twf1" with power of 168 watts, and "fy-34twf1" 3 gearbox (including motor) with power of 344 watts, as well as disk models with sample holder moving speed instigation. The solar power generation department adopts monocrystalline silicon high-efficiency units and light transmission modules. The power of wind power generation of the above three models is the same, and the power is about 30 watts when the wind speed is 15 meters per second. The wind power department adopts the Savonius windmill. The improvement of the shape accuracy of the host is limited, which is composed of two columns, and the strength is enhanced compared with the previous models. All the above models are equipped with LED and fluorescent lighting tower functions

fy-17twf1 and fy-34twf1 are equipped with external output power supply, which can supply power for surveillance cameras and network cameras

in addition, the product is also equipped with a sensor to detect the surrounding brightness, so as to automatically start the fluorescent lamp. By setting, the brightness can be changed according to the time period. For example, the illumination reaches 100% in the time period when there are many people, and the illumination drops to about 50% in the late night. The power storage capacity of fy-17twf1 is 180 ampere hours, which can make the lighting of 18-28 watts last for about 11-8 hours; The power storage capacity of fy-34twf1 is 300 ampere hours, which can make the lighting of 28-41w last for 15-11 hours; The power storage capacity of fy-08twf1 is 60 ampere hours, which can make the lighting of 15-18 watts last for about 7-6 hours

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