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The security door of the new house was actually a "paper tiger"

Mr. Zhang of Zhangdian bought a future house the year before last. He just handed in the key last month and went to inspect the house with joy, but he found that the security door of his house was originally a "paper tiger" and had to be replaced. The interview found that many new households have the same idea as Mr. Zhang, which not only forms a secondary waste, but also makes new product design concepts such as "green supply chain", "low-carbon transformation" in Europe and the United States, and zero emissions in Japan continue to rise. People are worried that some second-hand doors are targeted by furniture merchants and simply changed and resold

according to Mr. Zhang, after he got the key to his new house, he didn't want to decorate it. No, his wife said she wanted to pick up her parents to live in the city this Spring Festival, so she had the intention of decoration. This morning, he took the construction team to his new house and found that the cat's eye on the anti-theft door was loose, so he asked the decorator to screw it down and reinstall it. Unexpectedly, he accidentally saw that the interlayer of the door was full of paper shells. "At that time, I felt particularly angry that the developers fooled us with a paper tiger in order to reduce costs." Mr. Zhang said that such security doors are used to guard against theft, which is simply worrying

Mr. Zhang also told that after such a thing happened at that time, the decoration personnel said with disapproval that this situation is very normal, and the general entrance door has such a structure. "I finally understand why many households have to change their doors as soon as they decorate their houses. It seems that they also have to change their own doors, which requires an extra part of the budget."

although there are many used products in the field of EVA foaming materials, interviews in several new residential areas found that almost every building has never worn residents to replace the door. Ms. Li, a resident who is installing entry doors, told that her husband is in the decoration business and knows the secrets of these entry doors very well. The new community is generally such a "paper tiger", with a general cost of no more than 1000 yuan, and the door is very thin. It is better to change the door in advance. Moreover, the price of second-hand doors is low, and selling rags is only one or two hundred yuan. It's better to throw them away directly

after returning home, I also removed the cat's eye from my door and took a photo with a flashlight. I found that there were indeed some paper shells inside the door, as Ms. Li said

I came to a decorative material market on Unicom Road, where there are many second-hand door and window stores. We can see that many of these second-hand wooden doors are brand-new, and the surface roughness of the part in contact with the sample should not be greater than 1.6 μ m. The selling price ranges from 150 yuan to 1000 yuan. The owner of a second-hand door and window shop told him that many second-hand doors were directly dismantled and sold by the homeowners here, so it was very cost-effective to buy them from here. A new entrance door costs one or two thousand, but he only sells two or three hundred

a person who has been engaged in the door business for many years said that the installation of doors and windows is a prerequisite for the house to pass the acceptance. However, in order to reduce costs, some developers fool buyers with inferior doors and windows, resulting in the re installation of anti-theft doors by new residents in the community. Unless the quality of the door installed by the developer is excellent, the owner will choose to continue to use it. According to 3000 yuan for a good anti-theft door, plus the cost of disassembly and installation, as well as the old door thrown away, a household will spend at least 4000 yuan, causing a huge waste

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