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New ideas, new measures and great changes

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in the spring of 2020, a sudden epidemic is destined to be remembered by history. In this extraordinary day, under the strong leadership of chairman Chen Hongguo, Chenming Group resolutely implemented the decisions and arrangements of the central and provincial governments on epidemic prevention and control, and spared no effort to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production, and support of epidemic areas, In the critical period of racing against the epidemic, the great love fully demonstrates the responsibility and responsibility of national paper enterprises. On the premise of doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control and resuming work and production, chairman Chen Hongguo took a long-term view, judged the situation, scientifically analyzed the current development situation of the enterprise, looked for the pulse of the enterprise, led the team members to sort out and study the organizational structure, assessment and incentive, selection of excellent employees, cadre management, etc., and formulated new measures for various management reforms, which is a great change in management improvement, This is an encouraging mobilization order, which will surely promote Chenming Group to usher in another spring of reform and development


scientifically adjust the organizational structure to promote the upgrading of enterprise management

for a long time, Chenming Group has implemented institutionalized, scientific and standardized management, and turned to the corresponding communication subroutine system through process and improving regulations, and the overall operation efficiency of the enterprise has been continuously improved. Especially since 2018, chairman Chen Hongguo has taken a series of good practices in innovative management from the actual development of the enterprise. Improving the hierarchical management system, implementing the weekly meeting system, and implementing the weekly assessment method are all major measures to improve the management level, which have played a very important role in the critical period of enterprise development

At the beginning of the new year, in order to better adapt to the group's development strategy, chairman Chen Hongguo and relevant departments carefully studied and combed the organizational structure, further accurately mastered the effective management range of the enterprise, put forward new management concepts, and innovated the enterprise management model. The adjusted organizational structure has clearer levels, smoother work, more conducive to function play and department coordination, improve the enterprise employment mechanism, give play to the aggregation effect of 1+1> 2, achieve the rational use of personnel and the optimal allocation of resources, and greatly promote the improvement of work efficiency

a person in charge of Shouguang Chenming said that the chairman saw the weak links in the previous structure very accurately. This adjustment is very critical and timely. The enterprise management is more streamlined, the work efficiency is greatly improved, and the cooperation between departments is more efficient. There is no mutual prevarication, which will also play a great role in promoting the cultivation of enterprise talents


optimize the performance appraisal system and play an incentive oriented role

when organizing team members to discuss performance appraisal, chairman Chen Hongguo pointed out that the group's appraisal system needs to be further improved, more positive incentives should be done, the treatment of cadres and employees should be effectively improved, the wages should be maintained at a higher level in the local and the same industry, and cadres and employees should be further encouraged to stand on their posts, work hard and strive for performance

in recent days, chairman Chen Hongguo led the business department to sort out and study the performance evaluation indicators, performance commissions and reward methods of production subsidiaries, sales systems, cadres and employees one by one, and formulated a more scientific and perfect evaluation system. The newly revised performance appraisal system sets an incentive salary mode, increases the performance commission and reward module, and cashes the performance commission and reward monthly appraisal, which fully reflects the principle of getting more for more work. Through the application of assessment results and the adjustment of key performance indicators, the daily work performance of employees is evaluated effectively, scientifically and objectively, which further improves the management efficiency of the company and enhances the enthusiasm and initiative of employees

a person in charge of cultural paper Huabei district of the sales company said that the adjustment of the performance system this time was very strong, which greatly encouraged excellent employees who worked steadily and achieved outstanding performance, significantly improved their treatment, and greatly improved their sense of happiness and belonging. The employees all said that they should work hard and repay the company's care for employees with excellent performance


adhere to the principle of both ability and political integrity to build a high-quality cadre team

during the period, chairman Chen Hongguo conducted a special study on the selection and employment of the group. He further reiterated the principle that the selection and appointment of management cadres must have both political integrity and ability, select and use good people, cultivate and select high-quality talents, provide talent support for the development of enterprises, and spare no effort to build a domestic first-rate photoelectric film material R & D base

"both ability and morality" is the value and talent concept followed by all walks of life. Its essence is to require employees to be moral and talented in all their behaviors, both of which must be one, and morality is the first and talent is the last. For a long time, Chenming has been basically in the position of raw material supplier in the industrial chain. The group adheres to the employment concept of "eliminating backwardness, rejecting mediocrity, and encouraging the advanced". It always takes both ability and political integrity as the standard for selecting and appointing people, boldly promotes and appoints outstanding talents, and a large number of young cadres who love their posts, respect their careers, and have excellent business skills stand out, becoming the backbone of the development and growth of the enterprise

at the meeting, chairman Chen Hongguo asked the group to firmly grasp the principle of "both ability and political integrity", and put forward higher requirements for the selection of group cadres. Emphasis: eight categories of cadres who dare not expose problems, are unwilling to undertake, are not good at communication and cooperation, cannot lead a good team, do not seek learning and improvement, do not want to take the initiative to innovate, do not satisfy customers, and do not know how to be grateful must not be used

the person in charge of a department of the group said: this time, the chairman of the board of directors put forward higher requirements for management cadres. As cadres, they should always check themselves according to the standards of "having both political integrity and ability" and "eight resolute uses", enhance their dedication and dedication, constantly improve their business level, and make more contributions to the enterprise with a good mental outlook and ability quality


establish and improve the evaluation mechanism to make outstanding employees stand out

chairman Chen Hongguo attaches great importance to the construction of the staff team, the growth and success of employees and the care of employees. In recent days, relevant departments have been organized to conduct special research on the evaluation of employees and the improvement of employees' skills, formulate practical guidance, and actively create a working atmosphere of "loving their posts and dedication, being positive and striving for the first class", so as to comprehensively stimulate the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of employees

excellent employees are an important foundation for the survival and development of enterprises. The enthusiasm of employees is directly related to the overall efficiency of enterprises. The newly formulated employee evaluation and skill improvement mechanism puts forward scientific guidance on how to improve work enthusiasm, enhance heart, strengthen work ability and stimulate the vitality of the enterprise, so that employees can have more sufficient work motivation, encourage employees to be pragmatic and enterprising in their work, demand themselves with higher work standards, constantly pursue excellence, achieve better performance, and form a situation in which everyone strives to be advanced A good atmosphere for everyone to contribute to the development of the company

an employee who has worked in Chenming for more than ten years saw the issuance of the new appraisal mechanism, and said happily that over the years, the chairman has been very concerned about the accommodation, working environment and meals of front-line employees. This time, the appraisal has been increased, which has increased the income of excellent employees, which is very encouraging to everyone

the more accurate the new measurement results are, the new ideas and measures will be taken. Through this great change of management improvement, we firmly believe that under the leadership of chairman Chen Hongguo, all cadres and employees of Chenming Group will unite as one, work hard and forge ahead with fuller passion, more pragmatic measures and more sufficient enthusiasm, and Chenming Group will usher in a new chapter of high-quality development

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