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In recent years, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region has vigorously strengthened the work of foreign cooperative publishing, implemented the export-oriented development strategy, and achieved fruitful results in foreign cooperative publishing and copyright trade. During the Ninth Five Year Plan period, our district has become one of the "three windows" of China's copyright trade, and in 2001, the copyright trade continued to rank in the forefront of its peers in the country

how does Guangxi's copyright trade rise rapidly in the economically backward western region? Facing the challenge of entering WTO, what are the new development ideas and countermeasures? Recently, I interviewed Yang Jianguo, Secretary of the party leading group and director of the Publishing Bureau of the autonomous region

(hereinafter referred to as record): what are the main achievements of copyright trade in Guangxi

Yang Jianguo (hereinafter referred to as Yang): under the correct leadership of the Party committee, the government and the General Administration of the autonomous region, copyright trade has made remarkable achievements during the Ninth Five Year Plan period and the first year of the tenth five year plan

during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, we reached 995 kinds of copyright trade with more than 10 countries and regions (including more than 800 kinds of imports and more than 100 kinds of exports), ranking in the forefront of all provinces, regions and cities in China

in 2001, 240 kinds of books (including 226 imported and 14 exported) reached copyright trade contracts with 10 countries and regions in the United States, Japan and Britain, an increase of 15% over 2000. The total number of signed books reached more than 20 million yuan

copyright trade books have brought good social and economic benefits to the publishing house. Many imported works have met the readers' various cultural needs and become the publishing house's boutique books, brand books, long-term sales books and best sellers. Some of them have high academic value, and some have filled the domestic gap

copyright agency has made a major breakthrough. Guangxi Wanda copyright agency center not only provides copyright agency services for publishing houses in the region, but also serves dozens of publishing houses in more than 10 provinces, autonomous regions and cities, achieving a breakthrough of "going nationwide"

according to statistics, during the "Ninth Five Year Plan" period, more than 900 books signed copyright trade with more than 10 countries and regions on behalf of domestic publishers

the copyright trade books represented by the agency are of high quality and significant benefits. For example, the inspirational prose series of "affirm yourself", "surpass yourself" and "create yourself" introduced by Liu Yong and Liu Xuan on behalf of Lijiang publishing house and relay publishing house have been reprinted for more than 20 times, selling well, with a total number of prints of more than 2million copies and a total code of more than 20million yuan, becoming the fist product of the publishing house

due to its outstanding performance, the center has ranked among the three major copyright agencies in China and won the title of "1999 national advanced collective in copyright work" awarded by the national copyright administration

in the first year of the tenth five year plan, 137 books signed copyright trade contracts with seven countries and regions, including the United States, Japan and Britain, representing an increase of 9% over 2000. The Japanese integrated copyright agency company praised Guangxi Wanda Copyright Agency Center as their largest partner in copyright trade in China

book trade maintained steady growth. During the Ninth Five Year Plan period, the export trade of books increased steadily, and a large number of Guangxi edition books were exported to the United States, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and other countries, as well as Taiwan and Hong Kong, earning foreign exchange of more than 700000 US dollars for the country. In the first year of the tenth five year plan, another 210000 books were exported, with a total code of 1.3 million yuan, an increase of 144% over 2000

note: what measures have been taken to achieve these achievements

Yang: the achievements mainly benefit from the following aspects: leaders attach great importance to it. Cao Bochun, Secretary of the Party committee of the autonomous region, put forward the requirement of "based on Guangxi, facing the whole country and going to the world" for the development of Guangxi Publishing Industry in 1997

the Publishing Bureau of the autonomous region conscientiously implemented the instructions of the leaders of the autonomous region and the General Administration, and formulated several provisions on the administration of foreign cooperation in Guangxi Publishing System; At the same time, all social organizations are required to make great efforts to implement the "leadership, institutions, personnel, plans and funds", further expand the scale of foreign cooperation, and speed up the pace of going global

implement the export-oriented development strategy. The main measure is to "advance books from the south to the north, expand to the East and exhibition to the west", and promote Guangxi edition books and other publications to the whole country and the world in an all-round and larger scale

when formulating the "Tenth Five Year" development plan and the 2010 long-term goals of the publishing industry, the Party group of the Bureau continued to regard the development of export-oriented publishing as one of the important contents, and stipulated quantifiable Operable "At the initial stage, the index of copyright trade, that is, the annual output and introduction of copyright in Guangxi publishing industry should reach 5% and 10% of the total topics respectively. Through efforts, the index was overfulfilled in 2000.

a copyright agency was established to strengthen copyright agency. In 1993, with the approval of the national copyright administration, Guangxi Wanda copyright agency was established to carry out foreign-related copyright agency business. 268 kinds of copyrights were represented in one year of establishment, and copyright trade The amount reached more than 100000 US dollars

in 1998, the company, together with China Copyright Agency and Shanghai Copyright Agency, was called the three major copyright agencies in China. According to the needs of business development, the company was renamed Guangxi Wanda Copyright Agency Center in 2001. At present, the copyright agency in Guangxi is more active, and its business covers five continents

attach importance to the cultivation and use of export-oriented publishing talents. On the one hand, we should expand our vision of knowing people, broaden our channels of entry, and vigorously introduce compound talents. A group of undergraduate, master's and doctoral students who understand foreign languages and can master the knowledge of publishing, copyright and international trade negotiation have been enriched to the posts of copyright trade despite the rapid development of production capacity in the plastic flexible packaging industry

on the other hand, we should strengthen the training of talents, implement the "5051" project to cultivate cross century talents, and improve the comprehensive quality of copyright trade talents through on-the-job training, training, overseas study, participation in international book fairs and other forms. Now, the publishing system of the whole region has a capable and export-oriented publishing talent team, which has become a new force in the development of copyright trade business in Guangxi

note: after China's entry into WTO, with the gradual liberalization of publication distribution services, copyright trade has become increasingly active and international competition has become more intense. Facing the opportunities and challenges, how do you think Guangxi can further expand and strengthen copyright trade and improve its international competitiveness

Yang: joining the WTO not only means a big international market, a broader vision and more opportunities, but also means fully abiding by international economic rules and competing with strong international peers. For Guangxi copyright trade, opportunities and challenges coexist. We intend to expand and strengthen copyright trade from the following seven aspects:

first, raise awareness and strengthen leadership. Starting from a high starting point and borrowing a ship to go to sea, the leaders of all units and plastic burning and landfilling departments should attach great importance to the work of copyright trade, adjust their working ideas, increase investment, earnestly implement the five aspects of "leadership, institutions, personnel, plans and funds", and take the work of foreign cooperation as a regular and important work

second, continue to implement the "going out" strategy. We should make unremitting efforts in the implementation of indicators, copyright agency, increasing copyright trade, book export, and cooperative publishing, actively participate in international market competition, and strive to occupy a place in the world publishing market

third, highlight the key points and stick to walking on two legs. That is, foreign cooperation should focus on copyright trade, introduce foreign copyright to develop and expand the lineup of Guangxi edition books, and export Guangxi edition copyright to promote and improve the overall quality of Guangxi edition books

fourth, it is fundamental to cultivate and enable export-oriented publishing talents. Through recruitment, recruitment and other means, we will attract talents with higher academic qualifications in various majors and copyright trade professionals to enter this field, so as to further optimize the talent structure of copyright trade in our region. Continue to improve and implement the incentive mechanism of copyright trade, and create an environment and atmosphere for outstanding talents to stand out

fifth, do a good job in the deep development and utilization of copyright trade resources. We should do a good job in the demonstration of the merits of the introduction and export of original copyright (copyright), so that the introduction or export of one kind will achieve a significant economic and social benefits; We should keep close contact with radio, film and television and other media, improve the influence of the original copyright of publications in the fields of film, television, radio, art performance and so on, and strive to cultivate new profit growth points of the original copyright (copyright) of publications; We should increase capital investment, establish a database of copyright trade resources, and enter various business data such as foreign affairs management, copyright trade and copyright agency into the database to serve the in-depth development of copyright trade resources

sixth, backward production capacity will be eliminated in the future, and collectivization construction will be promoted to improve the competitiveness of copyright trade. At present, we are actively and steadily deepening the Publishing Reform and accelerating the establishment of publishing groups in accordance with the spirit of the Central Document No. 17, so as to further expand the strength of copyright trade, take the initiative to use abundant funds, actively introduce and export well-known brand copyrights, and take the road of large-scale development of copyright industry

seventh, strengthen copyright protection and publicity. China promised to open the book retail market in 2002 and the book wholesale market by the end of 2003. This means that while copyright trade is more active, copyright protection will become particularly severe and urgent. According to the WTO rules and our own reality, we should constantly revise and improve the relevant systems in our region, vigorously publicize and popularize the copyright law, and strengthen the fight against all kinds of infringement and piracy, and investigate and deal with major cases; By participating in international book fairs, expositions and other forms, we will strengthen the publicity of foreign publications and provide a good legal and public opinion environment for sailing to the sea and expanding copyright trade in our region. (Guangxi)

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