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Personalized after-sales paint enterprises occupy the market trump card

(1) expanded benzene board insulation personalized after-sales paint enterprises occupy the market trump card

July 14, 2014

[China paint information] with the continuous increase of paint enterprises, distinctive products have become an essential element of competition in the paint market, many businesses have taken personalized after-sales service as another weight to compete for the market, free spraying Door to door maintenance, supporting products one-stop... To meet the needs of many customers

the sales of coating market are on the rise. A few days ago, in some building materials, that is, cutting 100000 trees less for decoration, there are all kinds of major paint brands, and there are a variety of wall paints with personalized functions such as environmental protection, formaldehyde decomposition, crack repair, scrubbing, waterproof and so on. Now, while recommending the wall paint required to customers, many salespersons also introduced the services of their respective brands. The salesperson of a brand said that if they buy the corresponding wall paint here, they can enjoy the free door-to-door spraying service of the master

another brand introduced that when buying their products, they can not only spray for free, but also maintain them for free, so as to prevent customers from hitting the wall during the process of moving, and they can also provide free door-to-door services in the future. Other brands can provide an appropriate amount of paint according to the needs of customers from the government level to avoid waste. As long as the excess whole barrel of paint does not affect sales, it can also be returned

in this regard, 7. The person in charge of a well-known brand coating of accumulator believes that it is an inevitable trend for major brands to enrich their pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services. In the past, the situation that manufacturers only care about sales and ignore after-sales will gradually come to an end. To this end, they not only gradually improve their services, but also sell putty paste, masking paper, brushes and other goods in the store, which can meet the needs of customers for one-stop shopping

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