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Personalized printing applications provide new opportunities for traditional printers to explore the market

with the development of electronic publishing and cross media publishing technology, the traditional printing market will be greatly impacted. Changing customer demand has led to the growth of on-demand printing, and the number of prints is getting less and less. The application of digital printing technology makes one print ready. People not only hope to print according to the required quantity at any time and anywhere, but also hope that the shorter the current delivery period, the better and the cheaper the price. These changes forced traditional printers to seek new businesses. The application of personalized printing just provided traditional printers with the opportunity to explore the new peek wire real-time photo market

personalized printing is called print on demand in foreign countries, that is, the printed images and words can be constantly changed according to the preset content and format, and each print can be designed and printed for specific objects. Personalized printing is easily associated with variable printing or short edition printing. Variable printing is a common feature of printing, but traditional printing changes between batches, while personalized printing changes within batches. As for the short version, what stands out is the size of the batch, which does not reflect the connotation of personalization. Printing should and needs to design another communication adapter, including pre press, printing and post press. Personalized printing is not only personalized design, but also a combination of design, printing and post press. Personalized printing is widely used. The marketing forms of personalized printing mainly include supplier driven and customer driven. How about the technology necessary for the development of personalized printing? In recent years, digital printing machines supporting personalized printing have become more mature, faster, higher quality, and more reliable, and the printing cost per page has also decreased rapidly; New technology and workflow make the production process more perfect and can realize automation. The rapid growth of international interconnection highlights the advantages of personalization, and also provides support for the data processing process required by personalized printing. All these provide the basis for the rapid development of personalized printing

however, personalized printing faces many challenges in the implementation process. First, there are not only pure technical problems, but also market and management problems, including the need for standards, data processing and security, printing accuracy, binding and post-processing requirements, market acceptance and demand. Second: judging from the current development situation, Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. said that the universal experimental machine is an ideal cost-effective experimental system for scientific research institutes, metallurgical construction, national defense industry, colleges and universities, machinery manufacturing, transportation and other industries. It has not yet become a truly mature industry. More insiders and printing enterprises should invest in the key issues to add impetus to personalized printing, turn the potential market into a real industry, and open up new profit points for personalized printing. According to the survey conducted by IBM, 71% of customers plan to adopt personalized printing in the next two to three years, of which 43% will adopt color personalized printing technology

at present, the growth of personalized printing in the field of foreign on-demand printing is very small, on the one hand, because manufacturers have begun to consciously develop target markets for their target customers; on the other hand, the end users of printed matter are increasingly emphasizing their personalization, and their requirements for print quality are increasing, thus promoting the promotion and application of personalized printing

in China, there are two main obstacles to the development of personalized printing: first, the personalized printing market has not yet formed, and the scale and demand are too small to attract enough attention; Second, the cost of engaging in personalized printing is too high. At the same time, taking into account the affordability of the enterprise, choose the equipment suitable for the actual situation of the enterprise; On the other hand, due to the influence of traditional printing concepts, most people have formed a deep-rooted idea: printing can only do large quantities of business

although the personalized printing market has a small risk due to the establishment of recycled plastic granule factory, it is certain that the development of printed matter to personalization is a trend, which represents the future direction of printing, and its potential market will become a new development space for printing enterprises. With the application of personalized printing, more and more enterprises will realize their dreams and print exquisite annual reports, tenders, sample books, manuals and samples, so that enterprises can establish a good image and win in the competition

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