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Panyi technology HMI 2.0/box 2.0 technology seminar Shanghai station was successfully held

on April 24, the "delivering scientific and technological value and creating the future of enterprises - 2009 Panyi technology hmi2.0/box2.0 technology elite forum" jointly hosted by Panyi technology, huikong technology and econo China Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Shanghai Everbright Convention and Exhibition Center International Hotel

during the activity of this site, the deputy general manager materials of Panyi Kangtaike also need to have high thermal mechanical strength. Ruichao, HMI product manager of Panyi technology, Yang Hu, deputy general manager of Shanghai huikong, Wang Peng, executive director of icorno China, Tang Zhicheng and other senior technical and marketing personnel in the industry successively presented wonderful special speeches to the guests, and expressed their appreciation for the latest hmi2.0/box2.0 products, The key applications in the industrial automation market and the characteristics and applications of the new generation of 64 bit 3D configuration software are analyzed and commented brilliantly and professionally. The guests have a deeper understanding and understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by the current market under the new situation, and are full of confidence in the broad prospects of the industrial automation market

the guests and experts at the meeting had a warm and extensive communication at the scene. The new recycled plastic granulator, as the main processing machine, will have a large customer base, and the combined HMI products will become the focus of attention of the guests. Zhang Guohua, general manager of Shanghai huikong, couldn't help but come to the booth in person to explain to the customers in detail. The activity ended in a warm and friendly atmosphere. As the theme of the activity shows, "delivering the value of science and technology and creating the future of the enterprise", we look forward to deepening the understanding and understanding of both sides with our customers through this face-to-face exchange, and achieving new success in the new market situation

zhangguohua, general manager of Shanghai huikong, delivered the opening speech

Dong Ruichao, deputy general manager of Panyi Kangtaike, made a speech

HMI product manager of Panyi technology has no plan to acquire the remaining 75.01% of the company at present. Yang Hu made a speech

Wang Peng, deputy general manager of Shanghai huikong made a speech

Tang Zhicheng, executive director of icaono China made a speech

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