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Unlimited business opportunities for personalized printing (1)

personalized printing is coming into our life. When it comes to personalized printing, many people will think that this is not to use the color desktop publishing system to design works with personalized colors according to their preferences. In fact, this is far from the true sense of personalized printing. Printing should include pre press, printing and post press. Personalized printing is not only personalized design, but also a combination of design, printing and post press

an opportunity for personalized printing

with the development of electronic publishing and cross media publishing technology, the traditional printing market has been greatly impacted. The application of digital printing technology makes it impossible for traditional printing to start printing with one sheet. Even if it is done, the price must be surprisingly high. Seek technical support and help. Personalized printing can be printed on exquisite copper paper at a low price according to your own design, which is the charm

in the past two years, personalized printing has developed rapidly, which is mainly driven by market demand. At present, an important trend in the market is the transformation from mass market to mass customization market and segment market. In addition, a more personalized one-to-one marketing model has emerged. Manufacturers are more sensitive to the different needs of different customers and respond more actively to the needs of customers. On the other hand, in recent years, more and more enterprises have realized the importance of Relationship Management (Customer Relationship Management CRM, supplier relationship management SRM, etc.). Relationship management needs to convey customized letters to specific customers (audiences) and may cause vibration or pipeline leakage, that is, it emphasizes communication with individuals, and personalized printing technology is also needed to achieve this. A survey conducted by IBM shows that 71% of customers plan to adopt personalized printing middot in the next two to three years; Expert opinion middot; Brush (43% of which will use color personalized printing technology)

II. Application scope

1. Application in the commercial field

there are many commercial activities in foreign industrial developed countries, and people's living standards and consumption levels have improved. Therefore, personalized printing is also widely used, with a wide variety of prints, such as the company's annual report, CI design manual, product promotion leaflets, menus, table cards, transportation certificates of major hotels Traffic signs, anti-theft license plates, greeting cards, badges, invitations, direct mail advertising lists, and even the packaging of some goods have been labeled with personalized labels. Some of the above-mentioned prints are printed only once, and many are dozens or hundreds of copies. Therefore, some people call such a small number of prints ultra short edition printing

for example, product promotional leaflets, many companies often hold some promotional activities according to market changes, but the number of leaflets is often small. At this time, using personalized printing to print some unique leaflets will have a good effect

2. Enter people's lives

with the entry of digital printing equipment into China's market, personalized printing has also quietly risen in China in recent years. According to relevant information, the manager of a company in Guangzhou printed 2000 personal calendars and distributed them to his employees in the new year, which is "enough prestige and enough pie" in Guangzhou's words; A few days ago, a citizen of Guangzhou gave wine to a one-year-old child and printed 150 invitations, which added a lot to the wedding banquet; In the past, you can only buy ready-made New Year cards in stores. Now you can print your "personality" and give them to friends. This feeling is "great". For example, personalized cards, some units often need to print some representative cards and badges when holding activities, and some clubs often need to print membership cards, some of which are dozens of copies, and some have only the same performance copies, such as maximum torque, torsional strength, upper yield strength and lower yield strength. Personalized printing can complete the printing of such products anytime, anywhere and on demand

from the above example, it is not difficult to see that personalized printing is being applied in China. Personalized printing can be printed at the fastest speed and in the shortest time according to the number of customers' needs. In fact, the application scope of personalized printing is not just the examples listed above. It should be said that personalized printing can be achieved as long as you want. For example, only dozens of product sales leaflets, dozens of Design Institute tenders, several clothing design samples, a small number of CI design manuals, one to more than a dozen personal cards, etc. can be achieved through personalized printing. In the past, it was difficult to print only a few or dozens of prints at a reasonable price in a short time with the traditional printing method. With the application of personalized printing, more and more enterprises will realize their dreams and print exquisite annual reports, tenders, sample books, manuals and samples, so that enterprises can establish a good image and win in the competition

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