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Personalized, green and digital "plate by plate" this year's "618"

release date: Source: Jinling Evening News

"small and beautiful" brand likes to mention the "small target" of breaking tens of millions of transactions, the carbon emission generated by each purchase order is reduced, and digital intelligence can help the characteristic industrial belt "battle"... This year's "618" has ended, E-commerce platforms in my haydale company showed "battle report 2. Select some secondary fixtures according to non-standard configuration or expanded configuration". What new consumption trends can be observed through "618" big data

trend 1: vertical field segmentation, "small and beautiful" accelerates the "breaking circle"

"618", as one of the most lively annual e-commerce shopping festivals, was first started in 2004. Every year during the "618" period, major e-commerce platforms will launch strong promotional activities, setting off a shopping boom

the turnover of more than 100 sub categories of JD international increased by more than 100% year-on-year; A brand only makes pointed high heels, but broke into the top ten pre-sale list of tmall women's shoes "618"; On the Suning platform, a snail powder brand sold 60000 packages a day; During the "618" period this year, a number of "small and beautiful" brands focusing on vertical segments accelerated their rise and were favored by consumers

"small town youth", "exquisite mother", "cutting-edge white-collar", "urban blue collar" and "sports talent"... With the continuous segmentation of Chinese consumer groups, a large number of personalized customized consumer needs are accelerated. Targeted introduction of high-quality goods and services has become the only way for brands to occupy the consumer market

the report from Ernst & Young shows that "generation Z" (born from 1995 to 2009) is replacing the millennials (born from 1984 to 1995) as the new main force of consumption around industrial advantages and characteristics. They have more dimensional pursuit of commodities, and pay more attention to personality and subjective experience

according to the relevant person in charge of group, during the "618" period this year, new products, new brands and new categories emerged one after another, with more than 30000 new brands and new stores and nearly 2.44 million new products appearing in supermarket. The new marketing IP "feature Z" created for "generation Z" not only meets the needs of young people to buy while playing, but also drives a large number of new brands to achieve sales growth

trend 2: low carbon consumption, online and offline "green wind"

this "618", online and offline, a wave of green consumption

the energy consumption per unit of computing power is reduced through algorithm optimization; The proportion of clean energy such as wind power and photovoltaic has increased, resulting in a reduction in carbon emissions per unit of energy consumption; Smart packing brings "carbon reduction" in Logistics... During the "618" period this year, the carbon emissions of each order of tmall Taobao fell by about 17% year-on-year

offline businesses are also moving in a greener direction. The relevant person in charge of Yintai department store told that during the "618" period, the number of electronic invoices and electronic tickets of Yintai department store increased by 60%, saving a lot of paper; By upgrading the empty bottle recycling plan, the annual financial cost of empty bottle recycling of cosmetics during the "618" period was more than 100 million yuan, and the revenue doubled compared with last year

in 2020, China's annual express business volume reached 83.36 billion pieces. Further improving the green degree of logistics links has become an important means to help low-carbon development

during the "618" period this year, JD logistics implemented the "Qingliu plan", put into use 11.5 million times of recycled packaging, and reduced nearly 100000 tons of disposable waste; Rookie announced that it would create a full link green solution to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 10000 tons during the "618" period through co distribution of logistics centers, rooftop photovoltaic power stations, etc

trend 3: digital intelligence empowerment, logical changes in the supply chain of the industrial chain

"Hanfu special treatment in Cao county is not satisfied", "small household appliances in Foshan are affordable and convenient"... During the "618" period this year, factories in characteristic industrial belts from all over the country have unveiled their "battle"

Chaozhou ceramics, Guangzhou beauty, Foshan household appliances, Liuzhou snail powder... In recent years, with the agglomeration and development of various characteristic industries, industrial belts represented by commodity categories have been formed in various regions. Major e-commerce platforms have promoted the digital transformation and upgrading of industrial belts through the support of open supply chain and other core capabilities

during the "618" period, the order volume of more than 200 industrial belts in Jingxi e-commerce increased significantly compared with that before the event; launched the "city Carnival · cloud market" activity, driving the order volume of relevant urban industrial belts to increase by 68% year-on-year; Taobao tmall has deployed business operation centers in many places to directly serve the needs of factories and businesses in the country of origin and help accelerate the pace of digitalization in the industrial belt

digital intelligence empowerment also makes "pre-sale and reproduction" possible. The intelligent supply chain can make intelligent decisions such as replenishment and allocation of more than 10000 items every day, effectively improving the efficiency of the supply chain. The opening of the sales and production chain enables the factory to carry out small batch and multi frequency production according to the real-time pre-sale situation

Wang Wei, director of the Institute of market economy of the development research center of the State Council, said that under the new development pattern, the supply chain of digital intelligence society will drive the development of industrial interconnection, realize the interactive connection between industrial interconnection and consumption interconnection, and realize the dynamic balance between supply and demand at a higher level

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