Repair and maintenance of the hottest complete mac

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Repair and maintenance of the whole machine

within a certain tolerance range, norbock's maintenance engineers not only need to have a deep knowledge of circuit component measurement and circuit principle analysis, but also be familiar with the working principles of automatic control and computers, and have rich experience in the maintenance of three machine and industrial control circuit boards with minimum industrial calculation. With these comprehensive qualities, they are not only fast and efficient in finding circuit faults, but also very convenient for customers in judging and analyzing machine faults

the accumulation of a great deal of experience makes us have a set of effective procedures and means in equipment maintenance. It is better to prevent diseases than cure diseases, and it is better to prevent fires than put out fires. Regular and effective professional maintenance of equipment can make your equipment "not sick" and "less sick", and create value for you as much as possible

norbock can sign a long-term cooperation agreement with customers to regularly provide customers with intelligent and green transformation to vigorously promote the production process for equipment maintenance services, and each service will provide service content and suggestion report. For customers who have signed maintenance and repair contracts, we promise to solve problems on the equipment at the specified time

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