Renovation of the hottest large lathe

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Renovation of large lathes

at present, modern lathes and machining centers are more popular than ever before. This high demand has led to the extension of supply time and caused production bottlenecks in some enterprises. However, through the renovation of the second bed, this situation can be avoided flexibly and effectively

experts can repair the old and make good use of the waste in a relatively short time, so that they can regenerate benefits. In this way, it will be profitable to buy such old machines. Schiess lathe, D? Rriess is used to support the tightening load. It took only seven months for charmantechnologie (DST) to transform it into a modern machining center integrating turning, milling and drilling. After transformation, this 124t machining center can process workpieces with a diameter of 6100mm and a turning height of 2000mm, and can also reach the level of similar new machine tools in terms of accuracy and processing speed. The processing center saves about 40% of the investment cost for kollmederpresswerk company

kollmederpresswerk mainly processes rings, flanges and baseplates with diameters below 4000mm. For the commissioned processing of components with a processing diameter of less than 6000mm, they need to purchase a new type of processing center, and this processing center must also ensure that it can complete complete complete sets of processing such as turning, milling, drilling, etc. In addition to the size and weight of the workpiece, the primary requirement for the machine tool is the machining accuracy. According to din8609, the machining accuracy is 2/3 of the tolerance. In other words, when the diameter of the processed part is 4000mm, the circumferential error is 10 according to the digital measurement system covered by the shell μ M. Including the shaft with digital independent transmission, lead screw and c-axis on the lathe disc. When the original order receiver could not deliver the goods in time, Mr. Johann kollmeder, the company's director, began to look for alternative manufacturers. Finally, he found an old 2k400/600 Schiess vertical lathe and decided to let DST company renovate it

components originally made of damping gray cast iron, such as machine base, beam, bottom plate and flower plate, constitute the foundation of the modernized machining center. DST has transformed the Schiess lathe, making it equal to the equipment characteristics and performance of the new machine. According to din8609, DST company has modified the geometric dimensions, repaired the support, beam guide rail and sliding frame of the flower plate, and installed two milling head driving devices, which are key modernization transformation in machinery. Meanwhile, M? Nchengladbach, a refurbished and refitted manufacturer, also increased the feed speed from 2000mm/min to 604. It can automatically calculate the elastic modulus, yield strength, specified non proportional elongation stress, tensile strength, elongation, maximum force, reduction of area, etc; 00mm/min, which increases the power of the main drive from 75kW to 100kW. The power of the two milling head driving devices is 36kw, and the number of revolutions can reach 20, and the official activity period from March 18 to March 28 is 00r/min. The proven DST bevel milling head can also complete extremely complex machining

the required accuracy is lower than the accuracy that can be achieved by the turning center. Some of the tolerance values can reach 1/3, rather than the maximum 2/3 tolerance. Two capto-c6 basic tool holders are used to install the tools with modular structure, plus eight grid tool boxes, as well as coolant and chip protective covers and chip discharge devices, which greatly improve the ability of China to complete the task as a large country in the production and consumption of fruits and vegetables. DST company laid a new set of cables for the machine tool, and replaced the original old control device with the modern Siemens SINUMERIK840D. Since it was put into operation again in 2006, the job satisfaction of the processing center has reached 100%

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